We all know that creativity follows its own rules and our approach is unique for each project. Our goal is to create experiences that will continue to impact the audience long after their event is over.

Focused on the experience of the participants, our team will work on the organization from the first briefing to the final concept, in order to understand your needs according to the purpose of the event.

The foundation for a successful event is the design followed by assertive pre-production. It is about "creating an experience" where all stakeholders feel the "wow" factor whenever possible.

A ten-year study from the British Public of the Association of Independent Festivals (from 2008 to 2018) revealed that the experience that the audience lives in each event is the reason why they bought their ticket. - The Economist

LED Lighting Projects Specialized in Television Arenas

We have the best qualified equipment for Outdoor. LED lighting technology has dramatically improved the professional art of lighting design for live streaming or streaming. The main benefit of this technology is the payback, which is very attractive in terms of saving energy.

It is a sustainable option with zero mercury, a harmful substance for our environment, especially when recycling is wrong. White LED lights have increased the broadcast transmission quality standards, providing greater accuracy while preserving the fidelity of color temperatures and the color rendering index (CRI)..

LED lighting uses around 30-70% less energy
50x longer durability compared to incandescent lighting
LED lighting emits 20-50% less heat

Our products carry custom LED chips manufactured especially to serve the latest 4K vaporization technologies. Our lights have TLCI above 93, which means that your viewer will see the actual colors captured by the broadcast high definition cameras.

We are aware of the responsibility of providing LIVE STREAMING/BROADCAST services and we have the experience to ensure that your event will be delivered in excellence with zero interruptions.

We have the experience of handling all sports projects with the necessary lighting for competitions and broadcasts. ETG works with the best lighting designers who are veterans in the FOP sports lighting industry. Our installation process uses laser-defined focus for superior accuracy with uniformity.