Positive impacts on society, the economy and the environment are the pillars of the ETG Company. We carry this premise in all the projects we envision, everywhere we go. We are based on an ethical and transparent performance, with responsibility in the treatment given to people and the environment, bringing significant changes in the economy of those involved.

Proof of this are the Luminotecnics Projects carried out in 49 arenas distributed throughout America. We structure and supply LED lighting, which is a sustainable option with zero mercury, a harmful substance for our environment, especially when recycling is wrong. By choosing to use LED, these companies will optimize resources and reduce carbon emissions, saving around 30 to 70% of energy.

In the economic-social sphere, we identified the need for an innovative and efficient Epidemiological Control. We use Artificial Intelligence and innovation in logistics to generate accurate data for better decision-making in the fight against COVID-19. There were more than 56,000 tests in four months of continuous work, at no cost to the population, using science to save lives.


30 a 70%

less energy

20 a 50%

less heat


lumens per watt