Our products are based on innovation. Always together with the latest technology and renowned professionals involved in the whole process, ETG Company is the only company in the world of Entertainment and Health. Our goal is to create unforgettable experiences with the power to change people. We look at the entire entertainment ecosystem from a different perspective and give priority to making events sustainable for everyone involved, including our planet.
ETG always wants to look ahead of the curve to find the best ways to make your event a success.





Living blue is a club focused in our planetary needs using science and technology to create an experience driven world changing how we live so everyone can make a difference.

Unlike other criyptocurrencies Living Blue is pegged to real things, real people and real businesses. As the world changes and technology entrances in our lives we must assure this knowledge is used for the good of our planetary needs.

Living Blue will democratize health care, happiness, and fortunes of a person or group. United together the people may create new paridign for society reshaping our economies and elavating the experience industry.

How will Living Blue work?

Mining for our crypto currency will be based on three cornerstones

Extraction and recylcling of raw materials in a sustainable format.

Planet earth is our biggest miner and it provides us with air, energy, water, food and shelter along with many other minerals or raw materials used to build everthing we know.

A reckeless behaviour fulled by greed of the few and the idea of the many that a lifestyle of excessive materialims will bring you happiness has damaged our values. In all reatily this form of capitalism is destroying our planet by big business enviromental degradation.

Creating a sustainable supply chain for raw materials using block-chain to record all transaction and its cost to our nature. Today our planetary needs are not the primary concern for society and so we see the continue destruction of our ecoysstem with polution.


We know that creativity follows its own rules and our approach is unique for each project. Our goal is to create experiences that will continue to move participants long after their event is over.

Focused on the experience of the participants, our team will work on the organization from the first briefing to the final concept, in order to understand your needs according to the purpose of the event.

The root of a successful event is design followed by good pre-production.

It is about “creating an experience” where all stakeholders feel the “wow” factor whenever possible.

ETG Company professionals have real experience collaborating with the biggest events in the world.


Gold Standard Biomolecular Technology in Healthcare.

We apply science to save lives.

Testes Moleculares is a diagnostic company of the ETG Company Group, created in 2020 to act in the fight against COVID-19.

We use Artificial Intelligence and innovation in logistics to generate accurate data for better decision making.

In addition, we are pioneers in providing the temporary Biomolecular Laboratory Service, with a high sample processing capacity through RT-PCR technology.

Testes Moleculares is the only Brazilian company qualified to install and operate laboratories on 21 consecutive days, anywhere in Brazil. We work autonomously, and cover the entire production chain, from using the application (APP) for testing programming, assembling infrastructures, collecting samples, robotic sample processing and sending reports.

Our research and technology department has doctorates in areas such as Biomedicine, Engineering, Information Technologies, Laboratory Infrastructures and Human Resources, which work in an integrated way to be in line with the most advanced solutions in molecular diagnosis in the world.

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